Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bicycle Diaries the 3rd - Chilly Chilly Pain Pain

Another lack-of-training weekend.

Three airlines went bankrupt this past week, I supposed I should be lucky "just" had to experience the delays and not having to find out flights were canceled in the last minutes. I flew with US Airways, on the way back to LA I had to transfer in Las Vegas. For an unknown reason, flight was delayed for an hour. So, I finally got home around 2.15am and went to bed at 3am (which is 6am eastern time!!!). I was really tired for the next two days and didn't train as hard.

I went to spinning class on Friday (instead of riding my bike) and kind of injured my back on the weight lifting machine (ouch!). I thought it would be a great excuse not to train on Saturday and I really did try hard. I slept till 9am. Not sure why, I told myself the ride is only 2 months away, I should train more or I will get more pain later. As a result, I rode by myself, started from my apartment and headed east to Arcadia/Monrovia/Duarte and did some climbs up Altadena and New York Dr. Under the cloudy sky and chilly wind, I did 43 miles in 3 hours.

I'm planning to do a century ride (mostly likely my ONLY century ride for this season before ALC 7 in June) on this coming Friday and will be co-leading a ride up to the San Gabriel Mountain (the one I did with fellow TRLs a few weeks ago). If you're up for these challenge, let me know.

By the way, I'm still in the process of uploading pictures from my DC trip. So if you haven't seen them, or if you would like to see what's new in the albums,

Last but not least, thanks for those who support my ride and hope the rest of you will be donating too (as you received your tax return/credit from uncle Sam). I've ordered special T-shirt for club 100 members (ie. those who donated $100 or more). Please help spread the words.

Have a nice day.

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