Sunday, February 12, 2006

ALC 5 Training Progress 2/12

First picture of me and my new jersey, new bike = a new me.

As planned, I went out riding with Connie and Steve from
Different Spokes. It was a 35 miles ride, starting from the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. We went up Nichols Canyon, Woodrow Wilson, Mulholland, then passed through the VA Center and headed to Santa Monica beach.

The weather was great (hot in fact) but I really enjoyed this whole different ride, a lot on climbing and going down hills, big challenge for me. I did well on the climbing part, but go very slow while we went down the hills.

While we were up there, one part of the road is under construction, and the road pathment is totally uneven, basically we had to carefully zip through the road (as you know road bike's tires are small). At one of the traffic stops, guess what, we ran into Jay Leno in his antique car! I waved at him, and when he responded with a "Beebeep" (honk) of his car.

While travelling on Wilshire, we had to use the sidewalk for safety reason, and there's where I dropped my water bottle and had my FIRST FLAT! I changed my first flat tire by myself (well, the first part of it) and later on with helping hands from Connie and Steve. I got back to the road again!

On the way back to Pacific Design Center, we went through Beverly Hills, one of the road had so many up and down hills (short but had to shift gears very fast). It was fun to think about it, but was really tough when I did it. Looking forward to more training rides in the coming weeks.

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