Monday, April 10, 2006

Bicycle Diaries - Arcadia to Claremont

Lose a training day because I had to work on Saturday, not my favorite part, but that pays my bills. Get back on the road on Sunday, traveling 52 miles from Arcadia to Claremont. For those of you live in the east SGV, did you run into us?

It was a small group ride, nine of us showed up, but three did a shorter version of 30 miles (oh no, those 3 are not in the picture). We started from the Arcadia Park on Santa Anita and Huntington, travel east to Duarte, Glendora, San Dimas, Bradbury, Pomona and Claremont. There were no major hills on this ride, but with some rolling hills.

It was my first time visiting the downtown of Claremont, what a lovely nice town. We (from left David, me, Thomas, Neil, Kathie, Brian) had lunch together. I got my tuna salad on Italian bagel (with pepperoni on it, looks like a slice of pizza) from the 42nd Street Bagel, I loved it. The streets were busy during lunch hours, and there was a farmers market too. Everyone just loved the sunny southern California; of course, forecast shows that the rain is coming in a few days (ahh… we have enough rain, and please don’t rain on weekends).

On the way heading back to Arcadia, my friend David and I came across two minor incidents. While we approached the intersection of Sierra Madre Blvd., and Todd St., a golf ball flying across us! Luckily it didn’t hit us (ouch) or it would be ugly. After that, while passing by the warehouse a big truck coming out from the parking lot and wasn’t expect there would be cyclists around and nearly hit us. I’m glad we made it back to the park safely; none of us had major incident or flat (woohoo!).

One of the pit stops we had was at the San Dimas Canyon Park. Later of the day, I learned it from the news that a man died this evening when the bicycle he was riding plunged over a 250-foot cliff and landed on San Dimas Dam. It was really sad to hear any news of fallen cyclists and again, remind all of us how important it is to follow all the safety rules. Of course accident does happen, sometime we just lost control.

On this coming Saturday, I’m planning to join the OC Team to do a ride from Irvine to Solona Beach, and we’ll take the train back to Irvine. Isn’t that fun? Just hope that weather will be nice and will tell you about details in my next bicycle diaries.

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