Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bicycle Diaries - A Century Weekend (Part II)

I know this is a long over due Part II story, so I will try to make it short and move on to this week progress. Here’s the recap from last Sunday (4/2).

As I missed the Saturday’s century ride, I decided to join a group on Sunday afternoon, we rode from Culver City to Palos Verdes, very similar to the ride I did a week ago, but this one add more hills and we made our half-way stop at 25th and Western in San Pedro.

The weather was great. Since I rode on this route before, I was more relax and confident this time, of course, with the camera in hand, I made more stops than anyone else, to capture some beautiful moment and share with all of you who couldn’t be there.

The fun part about this ride was an 11.2 miles ride on PV West, with lots of climbing, which I loved a lot. I’m not sure what the elevation is, but for sure it’s a very high point, as you can tell from the picture. From sea level to the top of the hill, it was tough but it was fun too, many of us might have drove up to enjoy the south bay view, but I peddled up, that’s the difference. There is golf course and a church by the seaside! What an amazing view they have.

We stopped at Starbucks in San Pedro, I enjoyed my chocolate frappuccino but soon to learn the lesson NOT to drink cold beverage in the afternoon by the seaside, because the wind is strong and it’s COLD!

We headed back to Culver City the same way we came from. At the end, I did a 58 miles, all time record, and made my first century ride (well, not in the same day, but back-to-back, close enough…. ha ha).

Oh yea, if you are interested in viewing pictures taken from the Paul Hulse half-century ride, please log on to, then select ‘view event’, select ‘Paul Hulse Half Century’ the password is ‘Pos Peds’ (including the space). See if you could find me!

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