Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bicycle Diaries - Biking to Santa Barbara (Pictures)

check-in and get some goodies

so, what's the line for? (potty)

stretching demo by Dr. Ronda

that feels good~ I'm ready to roll again

massage crew at pit stop

another demo by the pool at El Prado

getting massage by the beach, how cool is that?

a day with immigrants - farm workers cheering for us

test ride Cannondale six 13 - I like it!

2nd test ride on Cannondale Synapse

by the beach with Dragon

on PCH near Malibu, isn't that "ROCK"?

The ALC geishas - Chris & Pam @ pit stop 3

Pirates (of the ALC) - Kerry & Sheri

Sweep team arriving at El Prado

after a good sleep, we're getting ready to ride out on day 2

pizza waiting for us at the finishing line

the coolest massage dog - Coco (loves pizza & he's smiling + winking)

Team Blue - John & I

The Cannondale R 700 Twins - Kenny & I

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