Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bicycle Diaries - Mulholland Challenge

I did it, we did it! 105 miles, climbed over 6600 feet, the Mulholland Highway Challenge on Saturday was a blast!

This annual ride was organized by Different Spokes Southern California, and considered as one of the toughest ride. We started from Juan Bautista de Anza Park in Calabasas and traveled through some of the west valley cities and neighborhoods.
The toughest part of this ride, of course, was the 7.5 miles climb over Mulholland Highway at mile 81. The scene was beautiful (somehow forgot we were in LA) but the hilly part was killing. My legs (and butt) were getting uncomfortable, but keep peddling till the top. It was hot (but they said 10 degree less than last year) and I kept drinking water (which was the right and good thing to do), kept myself hydrated. It was nice to see the pit stop and the volunteers who worked tirelessly.

What goes up must come down. The part I still hate is going down hill, especially those steep one, I had to break a lot and hurt my thumbs. I will have to improve that down hill technique.

So this was my 2nd full century ride, beating last week’s 103 miles, by far this is my longest and toughest ride ever. They said if we could do Mulholland, we would have not problem doing ALC. I gained confidence and am ready for the up coming big challenge. Yes, believe it or not, 2 weeks to go.

Didn’t ride my bike on Sunday, but went to the after-ride party at one of the TRLs Jon’s house. Besides enjoying delicious barbeque hamburgers and chips and lovely desserts, the TRLs – Jon and Chris gave us the newbies some packing tips, it was really nice of them to do this, very informative and helpful.

After riding first 15 miles, still looking good...

Lunch stop - mile 56 @ Banyan Park

Most creative pit stop - Hawaii theme, get the energy before we climb up the 7.5 miles killing hill

See, I'm not kidding, it's a real hilly ride

Keep up riders, the last hill (is still ahead)...

Can't believe we did it, after getting to the top, we just love this pit stop so much

Back to the park, my cycling buddies Suzann & Micky

Other buddies, Cynthia, Pam & Evelyn

Yes, I did it! (after all, lifting the 17 lbs Dragon seem like another challenge)

After ride party + packing information session on Sunday, all of them rode 45 miles before the party, except me

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Cynthia said...

Awesome photos Kar! Thanks for taking these and sharing with us. I agree, the hardest part for me is going DOWN the hills – I'd rather just go up and have a ski lift take me down!