Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bicycle Diaries II - Mothers' Day 077

Zero incident; 72 miles on Saturday; 77 miles on Sunday. And Happy Mothers’ Day.

With only 3 weekends left for training, I did “double seven” training rides on this past weekend. I rode with my buddy Suzann on Saturday starting from her house in Torrance and went all the way to the Palos Verde area and stopped for lunch at the Firsherman’s Village in Marina del Rey.

We biked around the hilly and beautiful Palos Verde neighborhood and climbed up Hawthorne Blvd. from the ocean side, finishing up the 2.5 miles steep hill climb that we skipped last week due to hot weather.

Although it was our own ride, but Palos Verde is very famous and bike-friendly, we ran into three ALC training groups along the way. We also met Pam and Evelyn who were doing their own ride at our first stop. The ride was great with lots of hill trainings.

On Sunday I leaded another ride with Brian, Virginia and Kathie helped lead a shorter version ride. The route from the Rose Bowl to Claremont was pretty much the same as the one we did couple weeks ago (the one that I got hit by car), except I added couple more hills so everyone gets more training not just distance wise but also on climbing hills.

There were 28 riders in the group. It was a pretty good turn out. Most importantly, it was some riders’ longest ride. A few riders travel from Diamond Bar and Claremont to join us. I guess it was worth the drive.

Just like other rides that I lead, I was the sweeping guy (caboosing). I had to go slower than my own pace just to make sure all riders get the support they needed. I didn’t have to work as hard, but at the same time, it took me longer to finish the ride. I always remind myself that it was my own choice to become a training ride leader and lead some rides, so I should be playing my role and not complaining. I’m glad I can be helpful to all, especially the newbies.

It’s easier for a teacher to teach smart kids, but it’s a lot more challenging to teach underachievement kids. However a teacher should be proud to see the students who made progress and finally graduating with a diploma in hand. With that said, I’m very proud of all the slower riders whom I had fun riding with. It will be my greatest gift to see them riding from SF to LA and make it home safe.

Total mileage of the week: 149 miles. Next Saturday I will be leading another hilly ride starting from the Rose Bowl.

passing golf-course around the PV

lunch stop @ Firsherman's Village in Marina del Rey

The lake wher Reggie hides, no I didn't see him, or else I would have got an exclusive story.

Another great turn out Sunday ride.

Betsy smiled after she conquered one of the hills.

Cam & Susan both making history for longest distance ride, ever.

Hungry riders speed up for lunch break in Claremont.

The patio was our little party place.

Cool poster in their restroom!

Time to go home for a nice Mothers' Day dinner.

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