Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bicycle Diaries II - Season Finale

Final countdown! Are you ready? This is the final weekend before AIDS/LifeCycle 6!

I did a 24 miles ride with Team Long Beach on Saturday, from the Marina to a park in Huntington Beach. I rode with Team LB last year when I first began my training for ALC 5. It was glad to meet some old faces and new faces.

The park was so cool, it has a restaurant there called Alice. There were ducks and geese at the park and there were people fishing by the lake.

Later I met Aaron to pick up the sleeping pad that I’m going to use. Aaron will not join us for ALC 6, instead he’s doing an AIDS ride in Hawaii in August, that would be fun too.

I had the last ride from the Rose Bowl on Sunday, season finale for all of us. Surprisingly we had 22 riders showed up for this 25/36 miles ride. As usual we stopped at the Goldstein’s Bagels in Arcadia for coffee and bagel break, everyone was more relaxing and had chance to exchange ideas and information for ALC 6.

I’ll be shipping my bike to San Francisco this coming Tuesday. Before that, I hope to do two more rides, on Monday and Tuesday, just to keep the legs warm and hit 5000 miles on my bike odometer before ALC 6. Yes, I’ve ridden 4977 miles so far since I bought Dragon on January 28 2006.

A few housekeeping notes for everyone:
Message of Support: you can send me message of support during ALC 6 (6/3-6/9) by visiting, on the main page, go to “send a message of support.” My participant number is 3107. I will be able to check messages once I get into camp site, however this is the “read-only” service, so I will not be able to reply right the way.

Gabcast: this is the new feature on our homepage this year. I’ve recorded the first episode today. Simply go to my homepage and scroll down to the blue gabcast box and click on the “episode #” make sure your speaker is on. During the 7 days on the road, I will try to record messages from either public phone or cell phone (if the battery still alive) to share with you stories from the ride, kind of like “reporting live from xxx.”

Closing ceremony: everyone is invited to the closing ceremony on June 9th, Saturday at 4pm. We’ll be at the Wadsworth Theater Grounds, Lot #7 – Department of Veteran Affairs, 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Brentwood. Spectator parking in Lots #6 & #2, $7 per vehicle. Please let me know if you’re coming, would be hard to find each other in the crowd of 3000+ people.

Thanks again for staying tune with Bicycle Diaries Season II. Will there be a Season III?

Faaaabulous ALC nails!

When you get ALC nails, you will be THIS strong. TRL Brian from Team LB.

TRL Mitch giving safety speech before the ride

Breakfast @ Alice at the Park

Muffins and Coffee... we're good to go all the way to SF

The Marina in Long Beach

Ducks at the park

The Three Tenors

Yes, they can sing and like to get attention

Feeding the ducks are welcomed!

Dragon resting at the park

Final ride from the Rose Bowl, everyone gets an ALC goodies bag

Ready to roll

Our favarite bagels place, the women summit

... and the men summit

... and the bagel lovers

Final hill in Sierra Madre

Sally from the Y joined the group

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