Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bicycle Diaries The 3rd - I Have a Dream

I've a dream, I wish there was a cure for HIV/AIDS, I wish we didn't have to do this ride anymore… but until my dream comes true, I've to keep riding and fundraising for this great cause.

Here are some exciting news to share with you:

Ø After hours of hard work (and no sleep), I've completed my first AIDS/LifeCycle video, it's about 6 minutes long and I hope you'll like it. There's a link on my home page, click on now. (When the screen pops up, at the bottom right hand corner there's an inverted pyramid icon, click on that and select "original size" for best quality)

Ø For the first time in AIDS/LifeCycle history, they will put a cap on the total number of participants. SF already reached their cap and no longer accepting new registration and LA will fill its capacity soon. YES, that's right, if you're still thinking of joining this life-changing-wonderful-awesome event, you better act now! (why do they put a cap? It's for safety and maintain the quality of the ride, also, some of the camp grounds is limited to certain number of people )

Ø I'm back on my bike, riding more aggressively. I've put on about 100 miles for this past week. Besides that about 4 hours of spinning classes and 2 hours of yoga. I will lead more rides in the coming months, so if you would like to ride with us, please act and don't think twice, we're all very nice people.

Ø The donor incentive program is back, please join my Club 100 by donating at least $100 and receive an "official donor" t-shirt. Please also forward the link to your family and friends whom you think would like to sponsor my ride.

Thanks for reading and I hope your dreams will come true in 2008!

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