Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bicycle Diaries The 3rd - More Rain Less Train

Because of the heavy rain, I didn't ride my bike this week. Seriously, I missed riding!

We planned for a ride on Saturday to celebrate TRL Tommy's 29th (again) birthday. However, due the rain the city closed Griffith Park for safety reason. We had no choice but to cancel the ride.

The rains have stopped me from riding out door but didn't keep me from my regular spinning classes at the Y. I did 3 classes this week.

Speaking of spinning, I was shocked and sad to learn that one of our instructors, and my ex-trainer, Gloria, passed away recently due to complication from infection. When I joined the Y back in 2003, it was Gloria that showed me how to use all those weight lifting machines and guided me thru a 12-week fitness program.

She was not only a good trainer but also a friend. She later left the Y to become a private personal trainer but then came back as a spinning instructor. Most of us who know Gloria are still having difficult time accepting the fact that she's gone. I am sure she's in a better place now. My heart goes to her family.

At the meantime, I hope everyone take good care of yourself and your love ones.

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