Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bicycle Diaries The 3rd - I'm Back

Dear Friends,

Jan 7th 2008, the first clear sky I saw after the weekend winter storm, the day I breathed in fresh air, the day I decided to once again participating in this wonderful and meaningful fundraising event. Dragon and I will be cycling along the California coast for the third time this summer (June 1-7) and I need your support to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

As a news reporter, I have covered healthcare related news for several years and have always felt great compassion for people living with both chronic and acute illness, especially those battling HIV/AIDS. On World AIDS Day 2005, I had the chance to interview 2 Chinese men who are living with AIDS. As they shared with me their experiences and concerns, I found myself realizing the importance of educating the public about prevention and treatment of HIV related disease. Besides that, I did a special report about "25 years of API and AIDS."

In September 2007, I took another step and participated in a healthcare interpreter training course funded by The Office of AIDS Programs and Policy (OAPP), so I can help the limited English proficiency community to get better and equal healthcare access.

As some of you may notice, I'm registered as SF Rider this year. Why? For the past 2 years I've raised more than $12,000 for LAGLC, this year I would like to dedicate it to SF AIDS Foundation. Their Pangaea Globla AIDS Foundation, which assist the governments of China, South Africa, Rwanda, the Bahamas, and Ukraine in the development and/or implementation of countrywide plans for providing HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

In China, for example, Pangaea professionals are providing assistance in a number of areas, including the development of national treatment guidelines for use of antiretroviral therapies, clinical training of health professionals and planning for a national scale-up of training, implementation of provincial models of care, special programs targeted at HIV+ injection drug users, and development of systems for monitoring and evaluation.

Why $8080.80?
ALC 5: over $5500, ALC 6: over $6500, so I know we can do it! (OK, it's 2008 and 08.08.08 will be the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. 8 means prosperity in Chinese, lets aim high and help me reach my goal) Help me reach my fundraising goal by giving any amount you can, either it is $10 or $1000 they all help and add up to a significant amount, we raised over $11 million last year.

Join my Club 100 by donating at least $100 and receive an "official donor t-shirt"And don't forget, all donations are 100% tax deductible. Donations can be made by logging onto my personal AIDS/LifeCycle homepage at and clicking on the "Support Kar" button. From the homepage, you can also click on "watch video" to see a video that I made, something that you don't want to miss!!

Thank You
Reach One, Help OneThere will be an AIDS Ride until there is no AIDS

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