Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bicycle Diaries the 3rd - 2 hills Go-Go Ride

“Are we expecting the rain?”
“Err… I guess no!”

“It’s not raining, just drizzling, just different kind of training, you need to train under different weather conditions.”

That’s our training ride on Saturday. Around 55’F, more than 20 riders, almost 50 miles ride, 2 major hill climbs. We stopped at two Goldstein’s Bagels, the first one in La Canada and the second one in Arcadia, maybe we should name this the Go-Go ride?

Lida and Chevy Chase are the 2 hills that I trained on most of the time for ALC 5 & 6. I’ve not climbed both since last year, so I was a little worried before we get up to the first hill and GU upped in advance, hopefully I’ll be fined. I managed to finish these back-to-back hills without any major incidents, I guess I’m ready huh.

The weather was not as nice as the previous week. However, riding in wet condition is just as fun, just need to be extra careful on the down hill. I finished this 48-mile ride just before 2pm.

My legs were sore and I was so tired, end up taking a 3-hour POWER nap!

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