Monday, March 06, 2006

ALC 5 Training Progress 3/5

3a.m., why am I awake at this hour? Just woke up and getting ready for a morning ride? NO! I just got home from work about 30 minutes ago. Why? Because of the Oscar. Did I get to meet Ang Lee? NO! I was on duty in the newsroom. However, I am very happy for his win, he deserves it.

So, isn’t this all about cycling? What does the Oscar has to do with my ride? Hmm… well, I have decided I need to sleep in a little more and will skip the 9a.m. Monday morning spinning class (excuse me, aren’t we expecting rain?).

OK, I only rode my bike twice this weekend. 52 miles on Saturday, 27 miles on Sunday. In another words, NEW RECORD was set! Yes, the half-century ride is my all time longest distance so far.

The Saturday ride started from West Hollywood. First we headed to Marina Del Ray, using this so cool Balona Creek Bike Path. The scenery by the ocean is awesome. Then we headed to 2 climbs, first one was Mandeville (plus 12 miles) and second was Bundy (plus 5 miles). Mandeville is not too steep, but the distance is long, and the last 100m is just killing, with sudden extra steepness. I had to stop before I finished the last part. After doing all the hard part, Bundy became easier for me. Still, I’m not good at going down hill; I put way too much pressure on the handle bar and breaking all the way down.

The fun part of the ride has nothing to do with the bike, instead with my car. Why? I left the key inside. Ha! I had to call AAA for help, luckily the guy shown up on time, so I left the area around 4p.m. Thank to our terrible traffic, on the 10, 210 and Huntington Drive (off racing hours) by the time I got to Arcadia (to have my gears adjusted) it was almost 6p.m. Finally got home around 7p.m. So it was a way too long day.

I went out to ride with the Different Spokes group on Sunday morning, because they do this “Pancake Tour.” Not that I loved pancakes, but they do sound good. At the Coffee Gallery in Altadena, they have this ‘all-you-can-eat-pancakes’ every first Sunday of the month, only $5, what a good deal! They serve some wings and sausages too. Yummy, I ate too much, like a pig, just because they taste so good.

I hope to get more training before I do a century ride in April. I think I can do it.

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