Monday, March 27, 2006

Bicycle Diaries - A Lady Cheers for Me

I know, you must be surprised with this back-to-back update. Sorry, I don't mean to jam your mailbox, but I left out a very interesting part of my ride and couldn't wait till next week to share with you.

While we were riding in PV area, at one of the traffic light stops, a Chinese lady in her SUV with her kid at the side stopped behind us. She scrolled down the window and looked at my yellow jersey (the same one on my ALC homepage, with 5 Chinese charaters on it which means "I love Bicycle") and asked me "do you speak Chinese?" I said "Shi de, wo jiang zhong wen (i.e. Yes, I speak Chinese)." She was more excited than I was. The light turned green and we had to go, she spoke out loud "have fun guys!"

Although it was only a brief conversation, but this is the fun part, you never know whom you will run into and what their reactions will be. A little note like "have fun" do make a difference, especially when I had a rough and tough ride. So next time when you run into bikers, don't hesitate to greet them, we are nice people. (^v^)

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