Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bicycle Diaries 3/26

Enough breaks and get back on to the bike. That was what I did this past week.

On Tuesday (3/21) I went out riding with Tommy & Pedro around the Rose Bowl and Pasadena’s Linda Vista neighborhood. It was a nice day; however it didn’t start nice for me. Yes, I had a flat. It was ok; I can change a flat without any problem now. It was a short and easy ride, just right to start a day with. Most of all, it wasn’t too cold.

The following days filled with spinning classes, until the weekend arrived. On 3/25 I chose the “Culver City to Palos Verdes” ride. Most of this 47-mile long ride was along the coast and flat. We rode on two bike paths, the Ballona Creek Bike Path from Culver City to Marina del Rey and continue on South Bay Bike Path all the way down to Palos Verdes.

The day was overcast. But I guess it was a nice weather to enjoy the outdoor. There were a lot of people on the beach, either surfing for playing beach volleyball, and of course, a lot of people were biking.

I’ve only been to the south bay area on several occasions, most of them were work-related, which means I didn’t get the chance to look around the cities. So this bike path along the coast was totally new to me, and I LOVED it. The scene by the beach was really beautiful, if you haven’t been to the area, or it had been such a long time since you were last there, you should go and see it yourself.

I planned to do a short ride on Sunday morning, however, I was too tired and lazy (yes, it happened again). End up stopping by at the temple that I’ve not been lately because of the training rides and went to Chinatown in the afternoon, to meet the presidential-hopeful, currently the major of Taipei, Taiwan, Mr. Ma Yin-Jeou. It was crowded and packed with his ‘fans.’

Oh yeah, I would like to share an exciting news. I’m going to do a century ride (100-mile) next Saturday. I’m not sure if I can finish the ride (well, they have a 50-mile option) since my longest ride so far is only 54-mile, but I will try my best. It will be fun (I suppose) and will share with you about the details in my next diary, keep an eye on it.

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