Monday, March 20, 2006

Bicycle Diaries 3/20

I’ve another record to share!

You must be thinking “oh, how many miles did he right this past weekend” or “how many steep hills did he climb up.” Well, wrong! The “record” this time refers to “the longest time I did not ride my bike.”

Why? Not that I was lazy, but I was out of town. I went to Houston last week to attend the annual conference of the Association of Healthcare Journalists (AHCJ). This was my second trip to Houston in five years, it was humid there. I didn’t get to tour around town much, just stayed at the conference site at the “Galleria” area.

Since this is my bicycle diary and I’ve nothing to share about my training ride, so I would like to talk about the donation. I would like to express my sincere THANK YOU to all of you for sponsoring me and supporting ALC 5. The fundraising has been a success, however I will keep asking for donation until the very end, i.e. end of May. For those of you who already donated, please start your ‘quarter-4-a-day’ saving habit so you will have no problem donating to my next ride…. Ha ha, maybe this is too soon to talk about that huh? We'll see.

Anyway, recently I’ve come across with some situations where donations were not credited in time. For instance a friend of mine made his donation on January 14, but it didn’t show up in my ALC account until last week, I had no idea he made the donation; in another case, I sent out 3 donation checks and a month later they were not in my ALC account, I had to call the ALC office and talked to the person in charge for more than 5 times before the problem is fixed.

Upon receiving/noticing your donation, I will send out a Thanks You email with ALC logo picture, if you didn’t receive it, please let me know. Because of the possibility of human error (which is understandable) and to make sure your donation is credited, I hope you can send me an email with the date and amount of your donation, also tell me if you donate with check or online, so I can help keep track and check with ALC office if anything went wrong.

Thanks again and hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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