Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bicycle Diaries II - First Training Ride

I know it was all about Oscar this weekend, but my spotlight was on my first leading training ride. It turns out to be great, except we lost one rider from the very beginning of the ride.

It was kind of cold during Saturday morning. We had 4 riders showed up for the ride, plus my co-lead training ride leader Virginia. I modified the 25-mile ride from a previous ride, from the Rose Bowl to Acadia, and back to the starting point via Sierra Madre and Orange Grove.

I know it was hard to believe that in such a small group, one rider got separated from the group, but it did happened. I rode on the same route for many times, however didn’t realize that there were two parts of Grand Ave. along Arroyo Blvd. She made a left turn on the first one instead of the second one which would lead us to South Pasadena. Luckily she did the ALC ride last year and knew what to do when she was lost and finished the ride by herself.

It was not the perfect leading ride, but I’m glad the riders liked the route. I hope to lead more rides in the next few months and hopefully no more riders will get separated from the group.

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